Bodega Cooperativa de Cigales

Bodega Cooperativa de CigalesBodega Cooperativa de CigalesBodega Cooperativa de CigalesBodega Cooperativa de Cigales


In 1957 Cigales winegrowers founded the Cigales Cooperative Winery with the purpose of offering a quality product, years later winegrowers from all over the region joined this project.

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Currently the Bodega Cooperativa Cigales is embarked on an ambitious project of modernization and upgrading of its valuable industrial heritage of the 60's, the subway concrete tanks have just been restored, with capacity for 2,000,000 kilos of grapes, covering them with epoxy resins and automated cooling systems. The average production of Bodega Cooperativa Cigales is around 1,500,000 kilos of grapes and is mainly oriented to the vinification of rosé, the renowned 'Clarete'.

Our grape suppliers are 74 families from the Cigales region, who own small vineyard plots that they pamper with care and affection as they are family heirlooms. It is characteristic of the Cigales vineyard to find white and red grape varieties in the same plot, they are all harvested together and brought to the winery to produce our wines. We select a small production for the elaboration of red and white wines.


The D.O. Cigales or Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León endorse the quality of our wines.

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