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At Bodegas Alconde we started years ago our transition to Regenerative Viticulture, a process that promotes the fight against climate change through the recovery of agricultural soil. It is, in short, to regenerate the soil by recovering the state it had before the arrival of intensive agriculture, so that it resembles a forest as much as possible. Currently, 52 hectares of vineyards at Bodegas Alconde are managed by this system, which has proven its effectiveness in slowing down and even reversing climate change. 
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To this end, Regenerative Viticulture seeks that the vineyard recovers its biodiversity and fertility through exclusively natural methods and processes. Instead of going against nature, it seeks to take advantage of and enhance its mechanisms to obtain healthier and higher quality products, totally eliminating the use of chemical products, while helping to reverse desertification. 

The soil is the main carbon reserve and if we are able to maintain its biodiversity, microorganisms and organic matter, we will contribute to recover its fertility, while improving the quality of food. 

At Bodegas Alconde the process begins with the planting of ground cover with different species adapted to the conditions of our soils. This will prepare the soil to favor the reestablishment of native flora and fauna. Gradually more elements of the wild flora and fauna are integrated so that our vineyards recover their natural biodiversity.

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