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Our winery is located on the ruins of the old town of Socuéllamos, which was destroyed by order of Fernando IV (1298) as a result of the disputes that confronted it with the neighbouring town of Villarrobledo. The quarrels were caused by the use of water from a well located between the two towns. These waters are currently used to irrigate our vineyards.


The history of EHD is rooted in the winemaking tradition of the family and the region. Since 1998, when the winery was built, the Delgado brothers have collaborated closely in the production of their wines. Their knowledge of the land and their love of the vineyard, inherited from their ancestors, as well as their mastery of the most advanced winemaking techniques, have resulted in products presided over by quality and excellence.


Since its creation, the winery has been under organic farming practices and has been growing steadily ever since. The winery has been designed with functionality in mind and, given the climatic conditions of the area, the protection of the wines in stainless steel tanks has been guaranteed.

In our vineyard we have the best vines of Tempranillo, Garnacha tinta, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Airén, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Moscatel. Each plot is harvested at its optimum point of ripeness, reducing the time between harvesting and winemaking to a minimum, which is possible because the winery is located on the estate itself. Thanks to the adoption of the latest technologies in our facilities and machinery, the vinification process allows us to preserve the original aromas and properties of the grapes.

 Grape by-products, organic products, vinegars, seed flours and more 

The winery is currently run by the second generation of the Delgado family, who have been adding to their traditional range of wines and wine-based drinks a series of other products derived from grapes, such as vinegars, grape seed oil, juices and concentrates, grape seed and skin flours and a long list of other organic and healthy products, in line with market trends and the growing demand for this type of product. We export to more than 20 countries and our presence in the most diverse markets is increasing, thanks to our policy of quality, customer service, reliability and service. We have a wide variety of wines, vinegars, musts, fertilisers, animal feed, grape by-products,... On our website you will find all the details.

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