Golf and Wine in La Rioja (2024)

Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of La Rioja's vineyards and rich gastronomic culture lies a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of leisure and luxury. In the heart of northern Spain, where the allure of Golf Holidays in the Basque Country beckons, you'll discover not only the world-renowned Golf courses in the Basque Country and Rioja but also an exquisite marriage of wine, cuisine, and relaxation.

While La Rioja is universally celebrated for its prized wines, the region's culinary artistry elevates the pleasure of savoring exceptional food and drink. As you explore this land, your senses will be treated to a symphony of flavors, and the landscape will unfold like a mosaic of colors, especially when autumn paints the vineyards, cereal fields, and olive groves with its vibrant hues.

Within a mere 30-minute radius of Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, lie four golf courses that promise an active tourism experience far from the bustling crowds. These golfing sanctuaries are nestled amidst vineyards and some of the world's most prestigious wineries, offering a serene escape and a chance to perfect your swing. And when you're not on the greens, indulge in a diverse cultural scene, savor Michelin-starred dining experiences, and explore the renowned pintxos areas like the Laurel and San Juan streets. Prepare to embark on a golfing adventure where the Basque Country's and La Rioja’s beauty, wine, and culinary delights harmonize seamlessly to create an unforgettable escape.

4 Golf Courses in La Rioja

Sojuela Golf Course

In the Moncalvillo Green Residential Complex, only 20 km from Logroño, is located the beautiful Sojuela golf course, immersed in a privileged environment of lush forests composed of oaks, holm oaks and pines.

This distinguished club offers its visitors an exciting 18-hole par 72 course, which combines fun with an ideal level of demand for golf lovers. Its original design was the work of the legendary player Severiano Ballesteros, and was masterfully completed by the renowned Aymerich Golf team. From the course, golfers can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the picturesque city of Logroño and the majestic Moncalvillo mountain range, whose peaks rise to more than 1,200 m, allowing them to appreciate a large part of the Ebro Valley in La Rioja. Undoubtedly, a unique experience for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


C. Solcampo, 9, 26376 Sojuela, La Rioja

+34 941 446 710

Izki Golf Course

The impressive design of this golf course, designed by the unforgettable Severiano Ballesteros, represents a true revolution in the architecture of this sport. Its main focus lies in preserving and respecting nature, taking meticulous care of native species and the surrounding natural environment. The spectacular holes and wide fairways, with magnificent views stretching between oak and holly trees, surround the majestic Izki Natural Park, one of the largest oak groves in Europe. This amalgam of features makes playing this course a unique experience, allowing you to enjoy golf and nature in its purest state.

Since its opening in 1994, Izki Golf has hosted 5 Challenge Tour events, in addition to hosting several rounds of both the men's and women's Spanish Championship, which confirms the exceptional quality of this 98-hectare, 7-kilometer par-72 course. Every detail at Izki Golf adds up to create an exceptional playing environment that captivates golfers and provides them with an unparalleled experience in the midst of a privileged natural environment.


01119 Urturi, Álava

+34 945 378 262

Rioja Alta Golf Course

Rioja Alta Golf course offers golf lovers an exciting 18-hole course with a par 72, in an area of 71.16 hectares located in the beautiful municipality of Cirueña, in La Rioja. This prestigious course is strategically located near the emblematic Camino de Santiago, just 5 kilometers from Santo Domingo de la Calzada, 12 kilometers from the ski resort of Valdezcaray and about 25 kilometers from the wine capital of Rioja, Haro.

The masterful design of the course, by the renowned team of Enrique Saenger-Golf Projects, has been masterfully adapted to the natural topography of the estate. This presents a variety of reliefs, showing an interesting ruggedness in the perimeter areas and in the surroundings of the impressive oak grove protected and classified as a plant singularity. In contrast, the central area of the estate has a gentle topography, characterized by a slight downward slope from west to east. This unique combination of landscapes provides players with an immersive and challenging golf experience in the midst of an exceptional natural environment.



+34 941 340 895

Logroño Golf Course

Located just 5 kilometers from the heart of Logroño is the Logroño Golf Course, a place that offers various options for entertainment and enjoyment in an incomparable natural environment. From here, you can contemplate privileged views of the picturesque marshlands and lagoon ecosystems that have developed in the surroundings of the natural park of La Grajera. This spectacular golf course has 18 holes, all par 72, which offer a versatile and balanced course, providing a pleasant and fun game, although demanding for those looking for good results.
Among its most outstanding features, the Logroño golf course boasts the longest hole in Spain and one of the longest in the world, with an imposing 619 meters. The main difficulty lies in its impressive length, which represents an exciting challenge for players who dare to face it. This peculiarity adds exceptional value to the course, attracting golfers from all over the world eager to live this unique experience.





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