Valdepeñas Wine Route (2023)

Valdepeñas Wine Route is located in the central region of Spain. It is located in the province of Ciudad Real. This route is controlled by the Denominación de Origen (D.O.) Valdepeñas, famous for producing excellent wines that reflect the richness of the local terroir.

Valdepeñas Wine Route Map

Wine Route Map de Valdepeñas

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Wineries to visit on Valdepeñas Wine Route

Discover the wonderful wineries that are part of the Valdepeñas Wine Route. A total of 25 wineries are waiting to offer you unique tastings and unforgettable experiences, click on "See wineries" to explore them!
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Things to see in Valdepeñas Wine Route

1. Wine Museum
Immerse yourself in the wine history of Valdepeñas in this fascinating museum, where you will learn about the production process and enjoy expert-guided tastings.

2. Plaza Mayor of Valdepeñas
Visit the emblematic Plaza Mayor, surrounded by traditional architecture, where you can taste local wines and experience the authentic culture of the region.

3. Castle of the Order of San Juan
Explore the ancient fortifications of this medieval castle and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Valdepeñas' wine-growing landscape.

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