Ribera del Duero Wine Route (2024)

The Wine Route of Ribera del Duero is located in the Iberian Peninsula and covers the provinces of Burgos and Valladolid. This renowned wine route is controlled by the Denominación de Origen (D.O.) Ribera del Duero, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the wines produced in the area.

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Wine Route MapdeRibera del Duero

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Wineries to visit on the Ribera del Duero Wine Route

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Things to see in the Ribera del Duero Wine Route

Monasterio de Santa María de Monastery
This 12th century monastery houses an important collection of sacred art and offers guided tours that reveal its fascinating history.

Peñafiel Castle
Perched on a hilltop, this medieval castle is a symbol of the region and houses the Provincial Wine Museum, where you can learn about the local wine history.

Church of San Juan de Baños
This 7th century Visigothic church is considered one of the oldest in Spain and stands out for its unique architecture and historic decorative elements.

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