Bodegas Martínez Alesanco


Come and immerse yourself in an exceptional experience in our winery, where you can enjoy a good wine and a delicious appetizer with your friends or family. Enjoy a cozy and unhurried atmosphere while you savor your favorite wine, accompanied by carefully selected local products. And if you want to know more about our winery, we will be happy to show you all the details.
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Embark on a tasting guided by a member of our family, where we will reveal the secrets of each of our wines, or those that captivate you the most. From the fresh whites and rosés to the award-winning Reservas and Gran Reservas, our organic and the distinctive Nada Que Ver, made with the minority variety maturana tinta.


Immerse yourself accompanied by Pilar Torrecilla, our winemaker and sister, in a sensory workshop and tasting course of Rioja wines, designed for both beginners and experts in the field.
Through this fascinating journey, we will put your senses to the test: taste, sight and, above all, smell. You will discover new sensations while learning to appreciate and understand the exciting world of wine.
You will learn about its elaboration, care and unique expression, understanding the importance of the vineyard and the meticulous work of man at each stage of the process.

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