Bodegas Solana de Ramirez


In Bodegas Solana de Ramirez we know that a good wine is born from a careful care of the vineyards, that is why our family has been cultivating our own vineyards in Ábalos for several generations. We currently have 60 hectares of our own vineyards, with which we produce locally grown wines of the highest quality that reflect the unique characteristics of the land and create a unique palette of flavors. 
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As the wine lovers that we are, we invite you to visit us and immerse yourself with us in the world of wine in a close way. Learn about the winemaking process directly from the family themselves while you immerse yourself in the winery and enjoy a selection of our wines accompanied by a small Riojan aperitif. We also offer other more exclusive experiences such as visits to vineyards, special tastings... We adapt to your needs as much as possible, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

"We are a family winery and we love our work, do not hesitate to visit us and share with us unique experiences around the world of wine"

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IMPORTANT! Do not forget to Mention Entourismo Spain at our wineries and you will receive a special treat.