Bodegas Visendra


Sendra family has been living in the village of les Pobles for several generations, cultivating the vine as their main business. Evolving with this crop and the way of cultivating it, they have managed to have a high quality product, having been able to buy the first lands they cultivate in 1986, until now. With a total of 89 hectares, since 2010 the Sendra brothers have taken a step forward by creating their brand: Bodegues Visendra, which is their symbol, the wine and the family. 
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The production is limited, but with the desire to reach all of you. The work in the field is without pesticides or herbicides, to take care of the health of others, for the health of the planet and for a commitment to future generations. 
At the moment, they make about 40,000 liters of wine and bottle about 20,000 bottles, this is only 4% of the production they have in the field. They can grow year after year with only their grapes, which allows them to have control from the beginning to the end of the process.
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