Palacio de Villachica

Villachica Palace façade, with yellow flowers on the front, light brown masonry façade.Interior of Palacio Villachica Wineries, steel tanksPalacio Villachica Barrel Room, panoramic image, with the barrels arranged on the sides.Palacio Villachica Tasting Room with glass on the second floor, space dedicated to the wine club.


Palacio de Villachica Wineries were founded under the premise of searching for the best land to produce an exclusive high-end gourmet wine at international level. That's why our products have designation of origin Toro, Ribera and Rioja. Optimal areas for the grape harvest, in which we work guaranteeing the balance with the land and the preservation of the environment; betting on a sustainable, ecological and chemical-free production. Because we believe that excellence is achieved by taking care of every detail.


You will be able to choose between 4 different experiences that will allow you to visit the facilities and taste their wines as well as having the possibility of tasting a menu of 5 dishes and 5 wines. 
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