Bodegas David Moreno


Bodegas David Moreno is inconceivable without wine tourism. From the beginning it was already a winery open to visitors passing through the area. That is why the winery has been growing, always looking for comfort and accessibility for all people and needs.

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A privileged location, close to the vineyards where you can also live the whole experience. Always surrounded by nature to welcome the public in the most pleasant way. Year after year the winery has adapted and grown as the sector has grown. Becoming more professional and meeting the demands of an increasingly abundant public.

For this reason, the winery has a team that is perfectly adapted to offer visitors everything they require. Always maintaining the essence of the beginning, showing closeness and friendliness. Making the visitor feel like a member of the family. This is one of the winery's maxims.

After more than 30 years of growing and adapting, we are considered pioneers in this discipline, since, from the beginning, we knew how to look beyond and meet the demands of the different visitors. Guided Visits through the Winery or in the vineyards themselves, a shop in which to display all kinds of local products, tastings... and even a restaurant.

It is very important for the winery to make every visitor's experience unforgettable, so that they always have a pleasant memory of us and of the personal and close treatment of the team. Also of the type of wine tourism. The unique experiences lived in the vineyards, the traditional Riojan gastronomy and the care with which the products are treated and each dish is prepared; as well as the respect for the culture of the area: El Valle de la Lengua, the Cradle of Castilian.


Premium wine tourism because of the way of enjoying nature in a privileged environment. Either enjoying a picnic in the green areas available at the winery or enjoying a private lunch "At the foot of the vineyard" in our vineyard. Or strolling among the 3 vineyard guards in Badarán. Contemplating the beauty of the area in all its forms. An experience for all the senses. A luxurious connection with what is close by. But also a family wine tourism, where children of all ages are welcome and can enjoy experiences designed for them to enjoy and learn, making a Vincana.


Over the years we have also grown in our interest in challenges and our taste for offering other types of services, so, taking advantage of the facilities we have, we have immersed ourselves in the world of social and corporate events. Such as weddings, communions, and private celebrations.


As part of our interest in satisfying the different needs of our visitors, we came up with the idea of the Wine Club. Where all members have their own barrel, a bottle space for their wine to rest and the possibility of tasting their own wine "in situ" whenever they wish, as well as enjoying the facilities that the winery has prepared for this purpose. This is one of the great attractions for customers who year after year are growing and are very loyal to the house. A different way of enjoying the company of family and friends combined with the world of wine, playing a very active role.

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