13 de Julio 2022

Active-Wine Tourism in Cuenca

Since its beginning in 2001, Bodegas Finca La Estacada has been actively working to show the world of wine to its customers.
More and more people want to know the world of wine and everything around it. This is why Finca La Estacada bets more and more on activities around wine tourism, activities for all kinds of audiences and tastes, in which visitors are invited to participate actively.
Experiencing is one of the best ways to learn, that is why Finca La Estacada is committed to different wine tourism activities throughout the year to enjoy the world of wine.



During the months of September and October 2022 enjoy the activities carried out by the winery around the harvest: wine tasting, grape must, grape picking, tasting of the first bleeding and all this can be combined with a stay at the winery's hotel.



A guided tour to visit the winery's facilities, ending with a tasting of 3 wines. This activity is available every day at 11.30 am.


A fun and illustrative activity that will allow you to be a winemaker for a day. Prior to the workshop there will be a brief visit to the winery's facilities where you will have the opportunity to get to know the product better before the activity begins. Groups are formed which, using single-varietal wines with different months in barrels, will make their "own" wine to compete with those of the other groups. A jury made up of a member of each group will blind taste the wines made and choose the winning wine. This activity is designed for groups of at least 10 people and lasts approximately 2 hours.


wine tourism and gastronomy go hand in hand in this activity proposed by Finca La Estacada. The experience will begin with a guided tour by the professionals of Bodegas Finca La Estacada. Once the tour is over, a paired tasting will take place with the top wines of the winery, the Secua range, accompanied by 4 tapas prepared by the chef of Finca La Estacada. This activity is available for groups of a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10.


If you are passionate about the world of wine and enjoy nature, this experience will make you see the world with different eyes. The activity has a duration of 2 hours, it begins with a tour through the vineyards owned by Finca la Estacada, but from a different point of view, from the point of view of the senses, discovering what nature offers us; to finish the outdoor activity, a unique blind tasting will take place in the winery facilities. This experience is available for groups of a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 20. 


This activity is carried out, in collaboration with "Rutas Veleta", by professional and specialized instructors. Among the different options to choose from, we find courses of initiation to mountaineering, orientation, survival, role playing ..... Team building activities among vineyards, such as gymkhana, or laser combat. Hiking or trekking routes. The activity is designed for groups of at least 10 people. 
To get closer to the wine culture, and to enjoy exclusive experiences, we invite you to know first hand Finca La Estacada and its exclusive experiences prepared to enjoy as a couple, family, friends.

About Finca la Estacada Winery

Finca La Estacada Wine Tourism Complex has its origins in an old farm, owned by the descendants of Queen Mº Cristina, widow of Fernando VII, which was acquired by the current owners, the Cantarero Rodríguez family, in the mid-twentieth century. It takes its name from the plot where it is located, called La Estacada, a name of Roman origin.

Finca La Estacada, was born in 2001 as a winery with a red wine vocation, but has been growing hand in hand with wine tourism to become nowadays an ENOTURISTIQUE COMPLEX, which has a restaurant awarded with the Q of Tourist Quality, a 4 star hotel with 25 rooms from which you can see the vineyards of the winery, and a wine therapy spa, where you can enjoy wine with all your senses.