23 de Septiembre 2022

Wine Harvest Getaway Hotel-Winery | Cuenca

Harvest Activities at Finca la Estacada Cuenca [2022]

Live and feel the experience of the grape harvest first hand is the proposal of Finca La Estacada for the months of September and October. A unique experience where you can discover the history of the grape from the moment it is harvested from the vineyard until it is transformed into must and later into wine, being able to taste some of the most emblematic wines of the winery. 

Grape harvest activity in cuenca 2022

The activity starts with an explanatory tour of the winery's facilities, to learn about its history and the winemaking process of Bodegas Finca La Estacada. After this short tour, visitors will access one of the vineyards of the estate, where participants will cut the selected grapes and taste the different grapes harvested in the vineyard, uncorking their pips, skin, pulp, stems.... 

The visit ends with a wine tasting in different phases, tasting of the first bleeding, which consists of extracting a part of the must in a tank destined for red wine that has not yet finished its fermentation and has not yet begun its aging, tasting of Finca La Estacada 12 Months in Barrel and Finca La Estacada Varietales, two of the most characteristic wines of the winery. 


Finca La Estacada offers its customers a special offer for this harvest season in which they can enjoy the facilities of its hotel complex with a very enotouristic getaway. 

grape harvest winery-hotel castilla la mancha

Details of the experience:
  • 1 night in standard double room 
  • Breakfast included for 2 people 
  • Harvest workshop and guided visit to Finca La Estacada winery. 
  • Grape tasting, first bleeding and Finca La Estacada 12 Months and Finca La Estacada Varietals. 
  • Masiega lunch (typical grape harvest menu). 
*It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.

More information and prices: 
Phone: 969 32 71 88
Mail: laestacada@laestacada.es

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