Bodega y Viñedo Arizcuren

Exterior entrance of Bodegas Arizcuren, an establishment at street level on a street in the centre of Logroño. Barrel room Bodegas Arizcuren, very small barrel room delimited by glass doors from the rest of the establishment.Production hall in the centre of Logroño, Bodegas Arizcuren, steel tanks and barrels on the sides.


The urban winery was born in 2016, a space converted into a place for winemaking and aging. The whole process is developed by hand in a series of multipurpose rooms.
An open-door project for all those who want to learn about the way Arizcuren wines are made, cared for and experienced, made from minority varieties of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin, with the aim of recovering the traditional values of the Rioja Baja and preserving the memory and wine-growing heritage of La Sierra de Yerga.

Visiting the winery allows:

  • The opportunity to get to know an artisanal way of understanding the production and aging of wine in a winery in the urban area of the capital, in which Javier Arizcuren has combined vocation and craft, viticulture and architecture, creating a space for the production and aging of his wines.

  • Located in the center of Logroño, a 10-minute walk from most of the restaurants and accommodations in the city, allowing you to visit it comfortably without a car. 

  • Visit the Arizcuren family's historic vineyards in the Sierra de Yerga, in Eastern Rioja. Good winegrowers bring the landscapes of their vineyards to the bottle and make us dream of those lands. This is what Arizcuren wines are like

  • Enjoying the "charm of the small", the culture of detail in the world of wine, of small vineyards worked with the traditional know-how handed down by the ancestors, in a reinvented space, which finds references mainly in the Urban Cellar distributed by some of the most important capitals of the world; New York, Paris, London among others.

  • Tasting the wines of small production, but very big in character, as endorsed by the scores of the main wine guides (Parker, Atkin, Suckling...), or being present in the menus of more than 30 Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Etxebarri, Azurmendi, Atrio, Echaurren or Maemo in Norway.
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Because we know that there are no two visitors alike, we offer you 3 different visits that cover the entire Arizcuren project and work philosophy based on the word "respect".
  • Respect for history and tradition, working with the varieties that built the history of Rioja.

  • Respect for our present, for nature, for the landscape, understanding our vineyards as a small part of a whole in which they must be inserted harmoniously, caring for them with exclusively organic cultivation techniques.

  • Respect for our future, building a wine-growing heritage with its own recognizable identity that is part of the diversity of Rioja with the aim of continuing to grow in prestige and national and international recognition.

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