Bodega Berroja


Bodega Berroja is a family winery, located in the Reserve of the Biosphere of Urdaibai, in a special spot, 250m above sea level, with dominant views over the Reserve and the borders of the territory of Bizkaia. 
It is made up of 24 hectares of land in a single hand, where the native varieties Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza are cultivated, together with the native Riesling.
The vineyard is worked with integrated production techniques and the winery works with the least use of external chemical elements in the production of Txakoli. 
The dominant view over the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve allows us to locate points of heritage interest such as Santimamiñe, the Arrola Hillfort, Gernika, the mouth of the estuary and its beaches, the Roman settlement of Forua, the Bizkaia Bocineros Mountains (Oiz, Sollube, Gorbea and Ganekogorta) as well as the borders of Bizkaia in Orduña and Sabigain (Urkiola).

In this place we interpret the fishing and agricultural tradition of the Reserve and its relationship with the seasonal cuisine that combines with the txakoli that is produced in the area.

The management and work of the vineyard is explained, based on the native varieties Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza and the foreign Riesling, linked to a soil with defined and uniform characteristics, and its conformation of plots based on its orography and orientation, to produce grapes in a sustainable way and closely related to the surrounding flora and fauna, allowing the development of native species such as oak, chestnut, ash, holly, arbutus, laurel, oak and other relict species that exist in the vineyard environment.

In the winery, the work carried out in the handling of the grapes and their musts to obtain a Txakoli with aging capacity over the years is explained.
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We have extensive facilities for the social use of the winery, equipped with audiovisual media, which allow us to carry out multiple activities of a family, business or tourist nature, as well as food and wine activities linked to local production and Txakoli.

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