Bodegas Bruneo


In 2019, our historic winery was restored meticulously following the criteria of Conservation of Artistic and Cultural Heritage. On entering, one is struck by the imposing height of the first room, where carved grottoes reveal the marks of rough tools, testifying to its age of more than 500 years. The semicircular arches built in granite, without the need for mortar, defy gravity and evoke Roman structures.
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Among its historical peculiarities is a seven-step cistern, probably related to Jewish purification rites. Niches cut into the walls may have contained ceremonial objects. During restoration, an inverted hannuka carved into an ashlar at the entrance was discovered, a finding of great significance for scholars of the crypto-Jewish past.


Malvasía de Arribes Variety

The Malvasía de Arribes, grown in our vineyards of more than 70 years old, delights us with fresh and light white wines. Its lemon yellow colour, with golden glints, and its nose transport us to a garden of fruity aromas, citric notes, herbaceous freshness, hay and a touch of toasted bread. On the palate, its citrus character, slight salinity and unctuous and persistent aftertaste win us over.

Juan García Varietal

Bruneo Juan García, made from a selection of this native variety, surprises us with its freshness and richness of flavours. Its nuances of ripe forest fruit, toasted bread, vanilla and liquorice intertwine in a fascinating bouquet. With an intense cherry red colour, tinged with violet glints, its balanced freshness and complexity are revealed on the palate: ripe fruit, integrated wood, precise tannins, lively acidity and captivating elegance.

Bruñal grape variety

The Bruñal grape, exclusive to the Arribes DO, found its salvation at the beginning of the last century, when it began a process of recovery that prevented its complete extinction. Today, our centenary vines produce wines of great quality. The Bruneo Bruñal, with its high robe and intense cherry red colour with purple hues, envelops us in an unparalleled sensory experience. Its complex nose displays intense aromas of red fruit, balsamic, toasted and roasted notes. On the palate, this fleshy and powerful wine reveals exquisite ripe fruit, hints of liquorice, velvety tannins and a long, fresh and elegant finish.

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