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Bodegas CanopyBodegas CanopyBodegas CanopyBodegas CanopyBodegas CanopyBodegas CanopyBodegas Canopy


We are a young winery dedicated to the rediscovery of the historical terroir of the Méntrida P.D.O., practicing a respectful agriculture with the nature that surrounds us and respecting the grape to the maximum, elaborating wines thought from the vineyard.
We practice a sustainable viticulture, minimally interventionist, which allows our siliceous-granitic soils to express themselves to their fullest and to achieve power and elegance hand in hand in our wines. 
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The journey of Bodegas Canopy began in November 2003 when its leaders, winemakers Belarmino Fernández and Alfonso Chacón, began the search for old Garnacha and Syrah vines on which to base their project: to think of the wines from the vineyards and transfer the peculiarity of each one to the glass.
It was in the region of Méntrida (Toledo), specifically in El Real de San Vicente located in the Sierra de Gredos, where they located old Garnacha vineyards, located at an altitude between 750 and 900 meters above sea level on granitic soils, in bush vines, aged between 57 and 90 years.

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