27 de Octubre 2022

Finca la Estacada 2022 vintage


Finca La Estacada has finished the harvest with an average collection of 5000 kg/ha.
The harvest started in mid-August with the harvest of the white grape varieties, specifically the Sauvignon Blanc variety, whose vegetative cycle is shorter than that of the other varieties and which ripens earlier. After the white grapes were harvested, the red grape harvest began in September, starting with the earliest varieties such as Merlot and Syrah and ending in October with the rest of the reds, including the winery's main variety, Tempranillo.
 Vendimiador en Finca la Estacada Cuenca

High temperatures are the main protagonists of the 2022 harvest.

The high temperatures and heat waves that Spain has suffered this year have also affected Finca La Estacada's harvest, especially in its youngest vineyards. However, thanks to the fact that most of its plots are over 25 years old, this has allowed, with patience, the harvest to be harvested at its optimum moment.

In terms of quantity, the harvest of this year 2022 has been somewhat smaller than the previous season, but in terms of quality, most of the Finca La Estacada plots have responded by offering a good quality and an average quantity of 5000 kg/ha.

100% organic vineyards Finca la Estacada

One of the important aspects of this year for the winery has been to ensure that all of its vineyards are organic, that is, that they do not use chemical fertilizers or phytosanitary products. In this way, Finca La Estacada continues with its work of social and environmental responsibility.

Finca la Estacada, one of the best wine tourism complexes in Spain: 4 star hotel, wine therapy spa and much more.

Finca la Estacada has a restaurant awarded with the Q of Tourist Quality, a 4-star hotel with 25 rooms overlooking the vineyards and a Spa where you can enjoy a world of sensations around wine.