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Below we show you the best wineries to visit in Spain in 2022. You will find a great selection of the best wineries in the different wine regions of Spain, as well as a wide range of wine tourism experiences in Spain fully adapted to your needs.


Logotipo Finca Valpiedra

Finca Valpiedra

Provincia La Rioja
Teléfono +34 628046505
VISIT BODEGA FINCA VALPIEDRA IN FUENMAYOR | LA RIOJA Finca Valpiedra is the main exponent of the entrepreneurial spirit of Familia Martínez Bujanda. Opened in 1999, it forms part of the Asociación Grandes Pagos de España. SINGLE VINEYARD  Finca Valpiedra follows the classic Bordeaux style, with a single vineyard and four wines made exclusively with grapes from the estate. The wines we make are identified with the stony soil that...

Logotipo Masía Torreblanca

Masía Torreblanca

Provincia Barcelona
Teléfono +34 93 891 50 66
VISIT TORREBLANCA MASÍA AND WINERY IN BARCELONA | WINE TOURISM It is located in the heart of the Penedès region, south of Barcelona, surrounded by idyllic vineyards and Mediterranean flora with spectacular panoramic views. The Masía Torreblanca, dating back to the 15th century, has been carefully restored and for the last few years has been home for Viña Torreblanca, a company formed by a young, international team of professionals with a f...

Logotipo Pago de La Jaraba

Pago de La Jaraba

Provincia Albacete
Teléfono +34 679505426
VISIT PAGO DE LA JARABA WINERY IN ALBACETE Pago de La Jaraba offers the visitor a unique, emotional and spiritual journey... history, agriculture, nature, technology, etc. WINE TOURISM IN CASTILLA LA MANCHA In a single visit you can learn not only about the elaboration of our Pago Wines, Artisan Manchego Cheeses and Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but also the origin of these products and their elaboration by visiting the vineyard, purebred Manch...

Logotipo Bodegas Valdubón

Bodegas Valdubón

Provincia Burgos
Teléfono +34 947 54 62 51
VISIT BODEGAS VALDUBÓN IN RIBERA DEL DUERO [2023] At our winery, located in Ribera del Duero, you can learn first-hand how our winemakers work, a unique experience where we combine exclusivity and tradition. We enhance the value of zero kilometer and local proposals by pairing them with our renowned wines. WINE TOURISM PACKS IN THE HEART OF RIBERA DEL DUERO Traditional visit with tasting of 3 wines (check schedules).  Gastronomi...

Logotipo Bodegas Quaderna Via

Bodegas Quaderna Via

Provincia Navarra
Teléfono +34 948 55 40 83
VISIT ORGANIC WINERY IN NAVARRA [WINE TOURISM] ''Cultivate the vineyard as our grandparents did and elaborate as our grandchildren will do'' Our winery is equipped with the most modern technology in order to give the wine all the respect it deserves, we take care of our grapes in the vineyard without using any chemical aids.  A REFERENT IN ORGANIC WINE Since 1998, when we decided to bet on organic wine, we became one of the pioneerin...

Logotipo Bodega Pirineos

Bodega Pirineos

Provincia Huesca
Teléfono +34 629229773
VISIT PIRINEOS WINERY IN HUESCA [WINE TOURISM ARAGÓN] Visiting one of the most historic wineries in Somontano means enjoying a privileged environment at the foot of the Pyrenees, and discovering why we are proud to be the forerunners of this appellation of origin. WINE TOURISM AT THE FOOT OF THE PYRENEES | SOMONTANO Come into our house and immerse yourself in the sensory and aromatic introduction that we offer you. You will understand why...

Logotipo Bodegas David Moreno

Bodegas David Moreno

Provincia La Rioja
Teléfono +34 941 89 49 19
VISIT BODEGAS DAVID MORENO IN LA RIOJA Bodegas David Moreno is inconceivable without wine tourism. From the beginning it was already a winery open to visitors passing through the area. That is why the winery has been growing, always looking for comfort and accessibility for all people and needs. A privileged location, close to the vineyards where you can also live the whole experience. Always surrounded by nature to welcome the public in...

Logotipo Bodegas Loli Casado

Bodegas Loli Casado

Provincia Álava
Teléfono +34 678 041 484
VISIT LOLI CASADO WINERY [RIOJA ALAVESA] Bodegas Loli Casado is the story of a family and their passion for Rioja Alavesa. Of their love for wines and tradition. Of the care of their sexagenarian vineyards and the selection of the best fruit during all these years. FAMILY WINERY  First, the grandfather. Then, the father. Today, his granddaughter Loli. Who continues to maintain his personal commitment to respect the environment...

Logotipo Pago de Cirsus

Pago de Cirsus

Provincia Navarra
Teléfono +34 948386427
UNDERGROUND WINERY IN NAVARRA The winery is located in the highest part of La Finca Bolandin, from where a good part of the vineyard can be seen. A large part of the winery is half underground, which allows it to maintain more stable temperature and humidity conditions throughout the year. WINERY HOTEL IN SOUTHERN NAVARRA Located in the town of Ablitas, in the Southern end of the region of Navarra, Spain; at an altitude of 395 meters ab...

Logotipo Bodega Diez-Caballero

Bodega Diez-Caballero

Provincia Álava
Teléfono +34 697 82 83 19
VISIT BODEGA DIEZ-CABALLERO IN ELCIEGO | WINE TOURISM RIOJA ALAVESA   Diez-Caballero family has played an important role in the world of wine for more than 5 generations. In the beginning, the family sold their wine directly to the people and bars in the area in carafes, as was the norm at the time. Then, Antonio decided that it was time to start producing and selling his wines, with grapes harvested exclusively from his own vineyards, u...

Logotipo Bodegas Solar de Urbezo

Bodegas Solar de Urbezo

Provincia Zaragoza
Teléfono +34 976621968
VISIT SOLAR DE URBEZO WINERY IN ZARAGOZA [WINE TOURISM] In 1995, picking up the old family tradition, Santiago Gracia Ysiegas founded Bodegas Solar de Urbezo, with the aim of producing grapes from the vineyards that the Gracia-Campillo family owns in Cariñena, offering a total guarantee of quality and purity in their wines. The winery is located in the region of Aragon at 45 Km from its capital, Zaragoza (Spain).  The roots of our winer...

Logotipo Bodegas Zifar

Bodegas Zifar

Provincia Valladolid
Teléfono +34 983873147
VISIT ZIFAR WINERY IN PEÑAFIEL | WINE TOURISM  Located in the town of Peñafiel, in one of the most emblematic buildings of the town and Mudejar style, dating from 1914. It began in 2002 an ambitious project with the aim of producing high quality wines in the heart of the Ribera del Duero.  The aging cellar is located underground, which allows a constant and ideal degree of humidity and temperature. The barrels are made up of more ...

Logotipo Bodegas Canopy

Bodegas Canopy

Provincia Toledo
Teléfono +34 687443744
VISIT CANOPY WINERY IN TOLEDO | MÉNTRIDA WINE TOURISM We are a young winery dedicated to the rediscovery of the historical terroir of the Méntrida P.D.O., practicing a respectful agriculture with the nature that surrounds us and respecting the grape to the maximum, elaborating wines thought from the vineyard. We practice a sustainable viticulture, minimally interventionist, which allows our siliceous-granitic soils to express th...

Logotipo Bodegas Román

Bodegas Román

Provincia Zaragoza
Teléfono +34 976 85 29 36
VISIT WINERIES ROMÁN IN ZARAGOZA [D.O CAMPO DE BORJA] Bodegas Román was born from the illusion of the Román family and their passion for oenology, agriculture and well done work. In its beginnings, the Román Family started the elaboration of its wines in a self-taught way, as a result of its passion for agriculture and oenology. Over time our selection processes were improved to select the best quality grapes and produce our own win...

Logotipo Bodega de Jamones Eíriz Jabugo

Bodega de Jamones Eíriz Jabugo

Provincia Huelva
Teléfono +34 676035827
VISIT NATURAL CURING CELLAR OF SPANISH HAMS IN HUELVA | JABUGO Jamones Eíriz Jabugo, is a family business in its 5th generation, which develops its experience around the third best Gourmet product worldwide, the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Jabugo Ham Protected Designation of Origin. We offer this visit in 4 languages every day of the year with previous reservation. Enjoy the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche with our guided tour o...
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